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"The air currents of life jolt us out of line and try to keep us from achieving our goals. Unexpected weather can change our direction and strategy. We must adjust our thinking continually so we can live right” - John C Maxwell

Trustees for the Future (Pty) Ltd Client Value Proposition

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We care about you and your family's Financial- and Estate Planning needs and objectives and we will design and structure the appropriate and suitable plan to support that.

We are committed to ensuring that these objectives are achieved, even though circumstances may change. We are passionate about forming a trusted relationship with your family that will stand the test of time, protect your legacy and advise and support your loved ones, when you are no longer capable of doing so yourself.

TRUSTEES FOR THE FUTURE is a team of experts committed to passionately designing and structuring an executable legacy preservation- and succession plan with unique insight and wisdom, providing our clients with the peace of mind that their legacy and that of their families, will be administered, protected and cared for, now and beyond their lifetime.

A FIDUCIARY SPECIALIST company collaborating with your financial advisor, auditor and attorneys, advising our combined clientele on practical- and executable solutions on holistic Estate planning, Corporate governance complying with current regulatory requirements and
Trust- and Deceased estate administration with unique insight, transparent fairness and compassionate realism to ensure YOUR legacy is administered, managed and protected during your lifetime and well beyond, serving a greater purpose. Through continuous and efficient
review and implementation of appropriate solutions, we aid our clientele in navigating their needs and objectives in a rapidly changing environment – a custodian worthy of your trust.


  • Serving a greater PURPOSE
  • Compassionate REALISM
  • Applied WISDOM
  • Executable EXPERTISE
  • Transparent FAIRNESS
  • Unique INSIGHT
  • Leaving a LEGACY


Our Services

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”
- John C Maxwell


An exclusive group of clients we deem to be serious about wealth creation and management. At Trustees for the Future, we are focused on an individual approach to tailor your financial solutions to your and your family’s needs.

Reserving exclusive information for you and making sure you have access to the best advice first. Becoming part of this elite clientele guarantees you preferential treatment, invitations to exclusive events and fast-track service in all your legal requirements, as well as 24/7 availability and access to our services.


a. Family Governance and Generational Transition

It is never too early to plan for succession and inheritance within a family, as this issue needs to be addressed in a comfortable and rational manner before it becomes personal and emotional, which may happen when a key member of the family has already passed. One of the most useful and valuable elements that come from the implementation and discussion of a succession and inheritance plan is the fact that you as a family are actually having the conversations. It can help families recognise and manage their wealth, define roles, set boundaries for individuals and enable members to manage competing and interrelated interests.

Due to the fact that these discussions often raise pretty sensitive and difficult topics, Trustees for the Future tries to facilitate these conversations and approach the topics and questions as objectively as possible. It is our philosophy that rather than waiting until something has gone wrong or a particular situation has arisen, start the conversation and sit around a table together to understand each other’s hearts and fears. You’re having those discussions in a proactive and safe way that can be hugely valuable to you and to your family.

Transition planning needs to take into account business issues as well as the multiple roles and complex relationships within families. Family businesses reap the benefits of succession planning ensuring its continuity with minimal disruptions. The next generation have time to adjust whilst current leaders make retirement plans. (Paul Andrews - editor-in-chief of Family Business United and Top 100 Global Family Business Influencers)


b. Wealth management and planning together with select Financial Advisor and Auditor/Accountant

Wealth management is more than just investment advice. It can encompass all parts of a person's financial life. Instead of attempting to integrate pieces of advice and various products from multiple professionals, individuals are more likely to benefit from a holistic approach.

In its simplest form, wealth management comprises three phases:

  1. Using a consultative process to establish close relationships with a client in order to gain a detailed understanding of their goals and their most important financial wants and needs, their family dynamics and their fears;
  2. Offering customised solutions designed to fit each individual’s needs. This might include investments, insurance, estate planning, retirement planning, and charitable giving; and
  3. In close consultation with our clients and their other advisors such as their financial advisor, auditor/accountant and lawyer, specific needs are identified and a custom solution is designed and amended on an ongoing basis.


c. Independent Trustees


It is vitally important for Trustees to know exactly what their duties as Trustees entail, because not complying with these duties, may result in a Trustee being removed from office (Tijmstra v Blunt-Makenzie 2002 1 SA 459 (T)) and footing the bill for such an application to the Courts personally (Stander and Others v Schwulst and Others 2008 (1) SA 81 (c)).

A Trustee can be removed from office either in terms of our common law or in terms of our legislation. At common law, the court has the power to remove a Trustee from office. Section 20 of the Trust Property Control Act, 57 of 1988 provides that a Trustee may, on application by the Master of the High Court or any person having an interest in the Trust property, be removed from office by the Court if the Court is satisfied that the removal of the Trustee will be in the best interests of the beneficiaries of the Trust.

Tijmstra v Blunt-Makenzie 2002 1 SA 459 (T) discussed and decided upon some of the grounds for the removal of a Trustee by the Courts. What was noted was that mala fides or even misconduct are not necessary requirements for the removal of a Trustee from office. A Trustee may be removed from office even if the conduct complained of was bona fide.
Trustees, therefore, need to be very aware of their duties and comply with these duties diligently. At Trustees for the Future, our experts are trained and educated in Trust law and keep up to date with any changes in this environment. By appointing Trustees for the Future, you will not only comply with the precedent created in Parker NO and others v Land and Agricultural Bank of SA [2003] 1 All SA 258 (T) but you and your beneficiaries will gain an advantage by having an Independent Trustee onboard who is knowledgeable and experienced in:

  • Tax matters and how to make tax-effective decisions as Trustees;
  • Investments and risk and returns;
  • Risk insurance solutions for beneficiaries and Trustees;
  • Business entities and how they fit in with your Trust;
  • Estate planning and wills and how that fit in with your Trust;
  • Administration of Deceased Estates;
  • Administration of Trusts and all developments in Trust law and relevant case law;
  • Proper knowledge of the wording of the Trust Deed and the implications of specific wording and possible changes to it, to make sure it serves its purpose;
  • Ways in which to make decisions on Trust assets and the distribution thereof that holds as many benefits and protection as possible for beneficiaries; and
  • Continuity in your independent Trustee as it is a company and not an individual.

Administration of Trusts with Special Needs (Mentally incapacitated Beneficiary or Minor Children)

In this category of Trusts, we take over the complete administration of the Trust – investments, budgets, allocation of payments and income etc. This service usually comes to life when parents of minor children allowed for a Trust to be formed in the unfortunate event that both parents die simultaneously. Our expert Trustees will then manage this trust to make sure that the legacy of their parents will live forever by completing the objective for which that Trust was established. You can always put a Trust under administration with us where there are beneficiaries not capable of making sounds financial decisions.

The purpose of the Special Trust is to maintain the beneficiary with the special needs. The special needs can either be physical and/or mental. It is important to have Trustees who understand the beneficiary’s needs, who understand how to budget and invest and understand the law related to Special Trusts.

Please see a video below regarding a Special Trust for people suffering from early-onset dementia.


a. Wills


  • A declaration of what a person wishes to happen with his property after his death;
  • Ensures that your property gets divided between the nominated heirs of your choice;
  • Gives you the opportunity to nominate a competent executor of your choice and negotiate the executor’s fee upfront and at discounted rates;
  • Provides for your wishes for guardians of your minor children; and
  • Ensures that you do not pass away intestate (without a will).

It is important to have an up to date and revised Will in order to correctly portray a client’s wishes, have up to date legislative changes taken into account, make sure that the Will can easily be executed and whether it is tax efficient.

A video we created specifically for wills week, which gives an overview of how we fit into Futurum Financial Group as well as two Testimonials of client’s whose families’ estates we have done.


b. Trusts

There is a saying that goes something like this: “A Trust can be used to address financial problems, marital problems, religious problems, tax problems and cultural differences – a useful vehicle indeed but beware, its kind nature allows a person to abuse and even misuse it. It is not to say that this good-natured vehicle will take the abuse or misuse kindly”.

It is only now, nearly 176 years after the first reported judgement in which a Trust was mentioned, was decided upon in 1833 (Twentyman v Hewitt 1833), that South Africans are really beginning to understand the true nature of this kind-hearted beast and how it should be ‘handled’ in order to bring the best out of it.

Trustees for the Future specialises in Trusts, acting as Independent Trustees, drafting new Trust Deeds, amending Trusts, appointing and removing Trustees and administrating Trusts to be in line with precedents and legislation.



  • Vehicle for protection of minors, wealth and/or persons with limited financial capability or limited mental- or physical capability;
  • Protection of assets and provision of income for generations to come;
  • Prevents continuous transfer of assets and costs involved;
  • Flexible estate planning tool that protects your assets if correctly administered; and
  • Separation of ownership of assets, to hold and administer assets that must benefit more than one person but cannot be subdivided (like agricultural land).

Consult with one of our experts today and make sure that you can trust your Trust. You can trust Trustees for the Future.

“Losing a family member is probably the most difficult situation you will ever face.”



Estate administration is both complicated and potentially confusing. The executor plays an integral role in ensuring that the process is handled professionally and efficiently. The executor’s function may be summarized as:

  • Taking control of the assets which form part of the estate;
  • Protecting and preserving the assets in the estate;
  • Properly identifying the heirs in the estate;
  • Carrying out the legislative requirements regarding the administration of an estate;
  • Paying the debts and the administrative expenses of the estate; and
  • Attending to the final tax returns of the deceased.



Choose your executor wisely and ensure that you and your family have a well-established relationship with that person or company.


Pain pushes us to question everything! Your family will be in pain after you are gone and prone to argue and question everything - even each other. Ensure that you leave the responsibility of the administration of your deceased estate to somebody who really knows how to do this and that this person or company is known to and trusted by your family. Do not leave this task to a family member who is bereaved and not always able to think clearly.


Make the decision yourself and then discuss the reasons with your loved ones.


When will cash be available for living expenses?

If you were married in a community of property to the deceased person, access to cash can take some time. Your account will be frozen by the executor until he is sure that the estate is solvent. Cash from the estate itself may be advanced to you once the executor is confident that he can do so. Access to funds can be arranged meanwhile.

How can I be sure that the assets I should receive won’t disappear? The Master of the High Court oversees the executor’s work. The Master’s function is to protect the rights of heirs and he/she will ensure that all assets are secured for the correct beneficiaries.

Trustees for the Future will expertly assist you and your family in case of the death of a loved one and will see to the administration of the deceased’s estate with the necessary due care, skill and diligence it deserves. It is of the utmost importance to choose your nominated executor wisely.

Read the article about unexpected expenses incurred in the administration of a deceased estate here.

a. Estate Planning

While Estate Planning and Financial Planning may seem to some to be the same thing, this is definitely not the case.

Although Financial Planning deals with the cash shortfalls of a client’s estate and income after the death of the client for the family, it is also about creating wealth for retirement for the client.

Estate Planning entails the minimising of the estate costs payable on the death of a client as well as the protection of assets while still fulfilling the wishes of the client and providing for his/her dependants, as well as other factors that need to be considered carefully.

A comprehensive Estate- and Legacy Plan can give effect, regulate and structure the following, regardless of your age, the complexity, or size of your estate:

  • Ensure that the minimum costs will be incurred from tax, estate duty and executor’s fees (for example, by reduced executor fees that are pre-agreed upon).
  • Identify anticipated additional costs to be paid from the estate such as estate duty, capital gains tax and possible claims against your estate as result of guarantees signed by you and creating liquidity for these liabilities.
  • Protect assets after your death.
  • Make sure that your estate is administered correctly and in an effective and timely manner.
  • Ensure that your heirs will enjoy maximum benefit from the legacy you have left behind and that the provision made for them is adequate and sufficient.
  • Ensure that your business continues.
  • Executor fees can also have a large effect on the liquidity of an estate, which is why executor fees need to be negotiated before death. The success of the Estate Planning process is subject to the provision of correct information regarding assets, values of assets, contractual obligations and the communication of the client’s specific wishes.


Factors influencing a holistic Estate- and Legacy Plan

  • Changes in your personal and financial situation;
  • Purchasing of assets;
  • Selling of assets; and
    Changes in legislation (budget speech, tax changes etc.).

A well-structured Estate Plan must be strategic, flexible, fair, and practical and it must be tax efficient. Success is further subject to the annual revision of the client’s Will and Estate Plan to adjust to personal and regulatory circumstances.

It must be done by an expert. At Trustees for the Future, we test at least 14 aspects pertaining to your estate plan before we advise you accordingly.


b. A Second Opinion

Let our experts review your current Will, Trust, Estate or Buy and Sell Agreement for you and let you know if any changes need to be made, ensuring your peace of mind when it comes to your legal documentation.

Times change and our experts are up to speed on all matters affecting your Will, Trust, Estate or Buy and Sell Agreements.

a. Company Secretarial Services FOCUSED on CIPC

From registering a brand-new company to keeping your annual returns up to date, our Company Secretarial Services can assist you with all your corporate needs. We provide all CIPC related services which include:

  • Company registration (Profit and Non-Profit Companies);
  • Company Name Changes and Reservations;
  • Lodgement of Amendments to standardised MOI’s or amendments to customised MOIs;
  • Conversions of Close Corporations;
  • Amendment to Directors, Members and Address;
  • Lodging of Annual Returns;
  • Lodging of Documents with CIPC;
  • Document Disclosure; and
  • Share certificates and Safe Keeping of Original Documents.


b. Company Secretarial Services FOCUSED on Corporate Governance.

We specialise in the customisation of your Company’s Memorandum of Incorporation to be structured appropriately to be aligned with shareholder agreements and other related matters. We also specialise is setting up customised Buy and Sell Agreements specifically catering to the dynamic of the said business and its shareholders and ensuring the terms of the agreement are aligned with any insurance policy which you may have in place.

We also assist small and medium enterprise businesses ensuring that an organisation complies with standard financial and legal practice and maintains high standards of corporate governance.

Our services typically include:

  • Keeping records such as lists of directors and shareholders up to date;
  • Organising and taking minutes of annual general meetings and board meetings;
    Keeping up to date with company law; and
  • Advising directors and board members about their legal responsibilities.

Read the article about company secretarial services, a service every company in South Africa should consider here.


I would like to thank you and the whole team at Trustees for the Future for the professional way you have handled my clients regarding secretarial services, estate planning and especially the role you undertake as independent trustee. It is not only the peace of mind that the legal aspects are dealt with but also the interaction with our clients over the years ensuring their assets in trusts are protected and managed for the beneficiaries. You really took a specialised section in my office relating to trusts and turned it into one of our strongest value added services. I have not met another firm with the expertise and caring that Trustees for the Future bring to the party.

- PM Kruger


I am a Certified Financial Planner. I have met Karen Eckley through a mutual client, who strongly recommended her to me. I have been seeing his trust administration and was very impressed. He assisted me to meet with Karen. I have introduced some of my largest client to her, for Trust related advise and general estate planning. I can without any reservations recommend her. She has been very knowledgeable, trustworthy and the advice was very beneficial for my clients. She has also assisted them to get their trust administration in good order.

- Riaan Reyneke


When a loved one passes, the last thing one needs to worry about should be handling the estate of the deceased.  We are fortunate to have Karen and her team aid us as family in this process.  Their professionalism and compassion goes beyond measure.  From financial planning to estate and trust management I can wholeheartedly recommend TFTF.

- Herman Myburgh

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